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Give life to your lease plan

Retail leasing and tenant delivery app
to close deals and open tenants.

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Interactive Lease Plan

see your information, don’t look for it

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Everything starts with a good plan.
With Status Plan, you now only need one plan to see everything you could want to know about your center. Status Plan displays industry proven retail workflow statuses on your own custom plans without requiring any knowledge or ownership of specialized software such as SalesForce, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Acrobat.

It puts control back into your hands.

Lease plan in motion on Status Plan
Status Plan lease plan view on iPad

Deal Essentials

time kills deals, so hit the accelerator

Negotiate the best terms when you have the most accurate data.
Status Plan’s deal module puts your latest prospect and executed Tenant lease fundamentals at your fingertips. Keep the ball rolling because waiting equals failing.

lease status
base rent
deal terms
TA / TI & inducement
Landlord work costs
CAM & fees

Milestone Scheduler

always stay on track

Never miss a critical date.
The milestone scheduling feature allows the key progress tasks and dates to be easily calculated, adjusted and updated with real dates as progress proceeds from deal closing to Grand Opening!
Create in less than 30 seconds
Key tenant milestone event template
Adjustable durations
Change forecast to actual
View progress graphically
Status Plan scheduler adding dates

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